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One Tree Hill Drabbles

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Welcome to One Tree Hill Drabbles

Drabbles are fics between 100-1000 words long. Each week I'll post a challenge, the challenge may consist of a writing a fic inspired by a song, writing a fic with a particular word count, a specific rating, any combination of the above or something completely different alltogether.


1/ Challenges will be posted sometime on Tuesday, Australian EST, at the moment challenges will NOT close after a week, you can answer any challenge at any time, this may change in the future, depending on member participation and other factors.

2/ NO FLAMING! Please be respectful of the hard work others put into writing their stories, if someone is writing fic for a couple you can't stand, don't read it, simple as that, if you are caught flaming you will get ONE warning, if you are caught again, you will be banned for a week, after that three strikes and your out.

3/ Oringinal characters, crossovers even Mary-Sue are more than welcome.

4/ All stories must be formatted as follows:

Title: The title of your story
Author: Your name/penname
Rating: See below for information
Pairing: The pairing/s mentioned in your story, if any, if not just write none.
Archive: Do you give permission for other website owners to archive your story on their site?
Spoilers: If your story has spoilers for specific episodes, either aired or unaired name the specific episode, if it has spoilers for a specifc pairing/character mention whom, if your story is spoiler-free just write none
Disclaimer: Something along the line of this is not for profit, I don't own OTH or the characters will be fine
A/N: Anything you want to mention such as genre, any inspiration from other sources such as songs of poetry, character POV ETC.

Stories must then be placed under an lj-cut < lj-cut > without the spaces.


Rated G
A G rating means anyone that can read may read the story.

Rated PG
Like with the G rating almost anyone can read them. PG simply means that there are indications/hints of sex and/or violence. Nothing graphic, but things that shouldn't be read by really young children.

Rated PG - 13
A story with this rating means that if you are under 13 you shouldn't read the story since the sex and violence will be better described than with stories of only a PG rating. However, the sex/violence will still not be highly graphic.

Rated R
Stories with this rating should not be read by anyone under the legal age in their country. There will be either sex scene's between consenting adults and/or graphic descriptions of violence with this rating.

Rated NC - 17
Again as with the R rating, stories with this rating should not be read by anyone under the legal age in their country. And
stories with this rating are sometimes likely to squirk (bother) even the most mature reader. Basically a story with an NC - 17 rating are stories where anything goes.

5/ All stories are wlecome here, any rating/pairing/situation is acceptable.

6/ You don't have to answer the challenges every week, not everything will appeal to everyone, also you can write as many replies as you like to each challenge.

7/ Have fun!!!!